As you probably know, Nepal was recently struck by an awful earthquake which has caused a lot of destruction and deaths.
Some of the villages in the most damaged areas, which are Helambu, Langtang, Manaslu, Solu and Kumbu, are completely destroyed.

We have lots of work partners and friends over there, whose families have lost a lot.
Some people have lost almost everything, no more housing, cattle, schools, electricity or drinking water networks.

Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world, with a corrupt and careless government. That's why it needs massive international help. The emergency rescue actions in progress with NGOs are working remarkably well, but more localized help is necessary in remote areas to be more efficient.

We have just created the association Hamro Ghar (Our House in Nepali) in order to give human and financial help to the people we know and their families, as well as existing local associations.

Our short term objectives :

 - Collect funds : donations, charity events, sales...
 - Making the association known and recognized by all means : mailing, internet, social network, personal contact...
 - Establish a list of needs : our team of locals in Nepal is working on that. With these
informations we will be able to target our help on the areas we know, where we can
be the most efficient this autumn after the monsoon.
 - Find goodwills and competences to run the project. Everyone is welcome!

What we will do when we get there, next autumn, and our long term objectives :

 - We will travel to Nepal in September to organise our own projects and distribute the funds we collected to selected local associations.
 - A small group of volunteers has already formed and will go help local associations with projects and logistics. Anyone interested is welcome.
 - Children are the future : we are looking for sponsorship to finance their studies.
 - The planning of a "Solidarity Trek" in Nepal in October, to keep the hope and
awareness going and to promote the return of “traditional” tourism.

Our priorities are:

1. Housing,
2. Health
3. Education.

Our help will go first in rebuilding houses and basic infrastructures like schools, clinics, access to drinking water, as well as fixing and distributing tools and seeds. As much as possible should be done before the harsh winter, especially in the most remote villages, where people are the most deprived.

It is in order to achieve these objectives that we call on to your generosity.
You can donate, but also become an active member, and most of all help us raise awareness about the association and its needs, as well as spreading this information around.
Thank you in advance for your support and solidarity.